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Does Thinning Hair Reveal a Greater Risk of Health Issues?

There can be no doubt that men have a variety of reasons to feel a little down if they begin to lose their hair.

However these worries may be about to get worse if the results of a new study are to be believed.

Associated Risks

A recent story in USA Today highlighted the fact that men with certain types of baldness in middle age are at higher risk for aggressive prostate cancer.Does Thinning Hair Reveal a Greater Risk of Health Issues?

However, experts say there’s no reason for balding men to add cancer to their list of worries — at least not yet. The study’s findings are too preliminary to change the way men are treated or screened, says co-author Michael Blaise Cook, a researcher at the National Institutes of Health.

Researchers have looked into the relationship between hair loss and prostate cancer for years, because both are related to male hormone levels, Cook says.

Identifying Risk Factors

Doctors who study prostate cancer have been looking for risk factors for the disease as a way to save lives and to avoid putting healthy guys through needless testing. They haven’t identified a lot of things that increase a man’s risk, other than being African-American or having a close male relative die of the disease. About 233,000 American men get prostate cancer every year and 29,000 die from it.

So far, studies of baldness and prostate cancer have produced contradictory results, says Timothy Wilt, a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, who was not involved in the new study.

While African-American men are at higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer, for example, they’re less likely than white men to go bald, Wilt says.

And baldness is far more common than prostate cancer. While about half of men are balding by middle age, fewer than 3% of men die from aggressive prostate cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

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Battling Hair Loss: Does Anything Really Work?

The iGrow® has revolutionised the marketplace of hair growth – imagine you could reverse the issues of thinning hair and baldness once and for all!

Stay away from treatments that ‘claim’ to work and put your trust in an anti hair loss treatment which is proven to work!

With the sheer number of lotions & potions currently available for hair loss in both men and women, sorting the wheat from the chaff can prove to be far more difficult than it should.

Well, this used to be the case but after years of researching, developing, testing and producing an effective remedy for hair loss, the iGrow therapy hair re growth system has arrived in the UK.

What is iGrow®?

Clinically proven as well as FDA (US Federal government Drug Association) approved, the iGrow® is an in-home hair, re-growth technique. It is easily transportable, Female Hair Loss Treatment Essexlightweight and simple to operate.

Equipped with headphones and an iPod/MP3 interface, the iGrow® is a convenient and effective Low-Level Laser Therapy system, that delivers considerable hair regrowth for individuals suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair), and other related hair loss conditions.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a powerful hair re-growth treatment process. LLLT increases cellular activity inside the hair follicle, as well as promotes the growth of thick and healthy hair.

Does it work?

iGrow’s® proprietary Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology utilises a powerful combination of red laser and LEDs to help effectively stimulate cellular activity, which causes a marked increase from the natural function within the hair follicle.

This proven 3 to 6 month process reverses hair thinning/loss, and effectively increases new healthy hair that is thicker, fuller and more vibrant.

The iGrow® is clinically-proven and risk-free. It is intended and produced specifically re-growing hair in men and women, afflicted with Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair).

iGrow’s® LLLT technology has no side-effects, unlike those pharmaceuticals, topicals and pills more commonly used to treat hair-loss.

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Are Women Dealing With Premature Hair Loss?

Stress is widely acknowledged to manifest itself in a variety of different ways, however despite this common knowledge, a recent study into the effects of depression highlighted some unexpected results – ‘women in their 20s seem to be the hardest hit’.

The study revealed that young women are suffering from a range of hair problems thanks to leading stressful lives with the most commonly recorded effects being Are Women Dealing with Hair Loss at an Earlier Age?29thinning hair and hair loss.

A recent media story expanded on these findings below:

Consultant dermatologist Dr Snehal Sriram says that for the human body, the hair is the least important organ since it isn’t vital to the body’s survival unlike organs like the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys etc. “Therefore, whenever our body is put through any severe stress, blood supply and nourishment get diverted to vital organs, literally leaving your hair high and dry. This makes your hair enter the premature shedding stage and increases hair fall, which if not controlled early, can lead to hair thinning and, eventually, irreparable damage to the hair roots.”

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Shutting The Stable Door?

Many hair loss sufferers have been understandably reluctant to try a number of the available treatments due to the fact that the best possible results were a slow down of the hair loss. However, what if we were to tell you that an FDA approved treatment exists which can actually REVERSE the effects of thinning hair and hair loss?

This innovative new hair loss treatment is available in the form of the iGrow Laser and its LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) treatment.

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Caffeine To Cure Hair Loss – That’s Crazy!

The qualities of caffeine which help combat blue Mondays and hangovers are well documented. However, did you know that scientists have recently uncovered another potentially huge benefit offer by coffee? There is a chance that it may help to promote hair growth. The bad news though is that sipping the odd cup of coffee is not going to get the job done!

When scientists treated weakened hair follicles with a caffeine solution, the speed of hair growth increased by up to 25 percent, says Tobias U. Fischer, a dermatologist at the University of Lübeck in Germany. Caffeine activates a growth factor that helps prevent hair cells from dying or going into a dormant state, he explains.

Sadly, just drinking coffee—or even applying it to your head in an experimental DIY mask—won’t do anything for your hair.

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Leave it to a Proven Treatment Instead

Whilst this may offer light at the end of the tunnel for some people, the chances of seeing this as a workable remedy are many years away. What then can be done, if you are concerned about thinning hair right now?

Fortunately, we are ideally positioned to help provide our customers with a proven solution called the iGrow.

How Does the iGrow Work?

The iGrow® is a clinically-proven and safe in-home device, designed and produced specifically for the purpose of re-growing hair in men AND WOMEN afflicted with Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair).

iGrow’s non-invasive, proprietary Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology has no side-effects, unlike pharmaceuticals, topicals and pills used to treat hair-loss. For many hair thickening and regrowth with iGrow is a long term solution which may not be seen with topical or medicinal treatments.

  • Safe and Effective
  • Clinically-Proven
  • Zero Side-Effects

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How Rare Is Premature Hair Loss

Premature hair loss seems to be becoming a problem these days to most people, both male and female. There are more and more cases of people going bald in their early twenties.

One of the causes of premature hair loss is due to genetic circumstances. In men, premature baldness is hereditary. You may find a family where all the males above thirty years have less hair. In females, they will experience hair loss from their late teens to their early twenties. They often realize their hair becoming thinner and then going from that to just generally weak. Although premature hair loss is commonly experienced by males, there are rising cases of females suffering the same.

A Cause of Premature Hair Loss

Premature hair loss can be caused by lack of good nutrition. If you neglect to take a certain amount of proteins in your diets, your hair will grow weak and start to break. How Common Is Premature Hair LossMost people are not aware of the importance of proteins in the growth of hair. It is important that you maintain a balanced diet in order for you to avoid hair loss.

One other widely unknown cause of hair loss is lack of enough sleep. If one doesn’t get adequate sleep, their health will be strained and one of the effects of this is hair loss. Since the body is struggling to stay awake, the hair growth hormones may be affected leading to hair loss. This problem is mainly experienced by young people in school when they are under pressure to study. This causes hair loss problems to the young students. They may not even realize what is causing the hair loss.

Other Causes of Premature Hair Loss

Lack of water can also cause premature hair loss. If you don’t take enough water for your body to have sufficient nutrients, the body will get affected and hair loss will occur. It is important to ensure that your body is properly hydrated so that the nutrients can help your hair grow strong.

Premature hair loss is also caused by smoking. It is common to find a higher percentage of the people that smoke with a hair loss problem. The nicotine reduces hair growth rate thus leading to loss of hair.

Can Stress Be a Contributing Factor

Premature hair loss is also common when one is stressed. Stress decreases the amount of hair growth chemicals produced. This results to loss of hair because fresh hair is not produced and the older hair strands are weakened. It is important to maintain low stress levels to prevent premature hair loss.

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Is Premature Hair Loss Purely a Male Issue

It is now official, hair thinning and baldness is not an issue that affects men only but the number of women across the world suffering from the same is on the increase.

Recent studies show that thinning hair is a problem that many women now face. Data from across the world shows that one in three women has thinning hair. Experts Hair Loss: It Is Not Just A Male Issuesay that most of the women suffering from hair thinning either tend to ignore the problem or do not want to talk about it.

Increasing The Chances of Hair Loss

Heated styling tools and overexposure to harsh chemicals are the reasons that experts gave for this increase in the thinning of hair and baldness in women. Weaves and extensions are yet another reason for the increase in the baldness and thinning of hair in women.

Experts argue that no matter how many protective products you use, heat will always weaken hair proteins. Regular heating, drying, and colouring with harsh chemicals leads to fragility and brittleness that causes hair loss.

The following are some solutions experts present as a remedy to hair loss in women:

Laser Therapy

The laser hair re-growth therapy devices emit low-level laser rays that help stimulate hair follicles to become active again. Such devices come in a variety of forms such as head gears or combs. Many women report that they have attained good results from laser therapy.

Vitamins And Supplements

Experts often point out that loss of hair correlates to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the patient’s body.

Hair Loss Shampoos

The regular shampoos that women use contain chemicals that damage or are harsh to hair growth. Experts recommend switching over to gentler shampoos that cleanse the scalp and remove unhealthy deposits hampering hair growth in follicles.

Natural Topical Hair Loss remedies

Examples of these natural topical hair loss remedies include essential oils, herbal extracts, and vitamins. The application of these products is strictly topical. The products come in solution or spray formats.

In conclusion, the reality is that hair loss is not a problem facing only men since there is an increase in the number of women experiencing hair loss globally. The products discussed above are quite effective in treating hair loss in women. However, before you use any of these products it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist or your GP to avoid using products that result in further hair loss.

Have You Been Affected By Alopecia

Whether you are a man or a woman, Alopecia, also commonly referred to as hair loss, can be extremely devastating and embarrassing.  If this is something that you are currently dealing with you likely are wondering what you can do to combat it.  Read on for informative tips so that you can free yourself from the stress of losing your hair.

What Should You Do First?

The first thing that you should do at the sign of hair loss is visit your physician.  They can determine if it is a result of a condition that can be treated with medication or How To Deal With Alopecialifestyle changes.  Some hair loss can occur due to malnutrition or hormone issues, which can be addressed, however, some conditions cannot.  The key is to be sure that you find out if there is something you can easily do to reverse your hair loss.

Exploring Options

If, after consulting your physician, you find that there really is nothing that can be done medically, you should look into different hair replacement options.  There are a number of options available to you, depending on your type of hair loss.  For example, if you are losing hair in small patches you may be able to cover them up by getting extensions attached to the hair that you do have.  Real hair is used in this process, and if done by a professional no one will ever know that you have a hair loss issue.

What Considerations Are There?

If you have lost a great deal of hair in large patches you may want to consider getting a wig.  Oftentimes when one thinks of a wig they think of the fabricated sort that one would purchase to create a Halloween costume, but in truth there are wigs available that appear very natural and are made of real hair.  They are available for both men and women and come in all sorts of styles and colours.  The best way to get a quality wig that you are comfortable with is to visit a professional shop.  They will be able to assist you in finding the perfect wig that makes you feel that you look natural.

An Unfortunate Fact of Life

While Alopecia is not something that anyone wants to deal with, it is unfortunately a fact of life for many.  Fortunately, now that you have read the above information you know there are things that you can do to feel comfortable again.  Now get out there and take control of your situation.

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Can Steroid Use Contribute To Premature Hair Loss

A common question that is asked of a doctor or hair loss expert is whether steroids can lead to the loss of hair. Well, the short answer is it really depends on the genetic disposition of people and if they are already prone to hair loss or not.

However, here is a more in depth response which will make it easier for people to know if the steroids, legal and illegal, they have taken can lead to hair loss or not.

The first thing people need to realize is a lot of the hair loss experts have come to the conclusion that hair loss is caused by a hormonal imbalance. The main item that is Can Steroids Lead To Hair Loss?off balance is the dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the male hormones that can lead to male pattern baldness. This is nothing people can help as it is often seen as a genetic issue that is not really treatable, without some type of expensive intervention.

Typically when the guys are experiencing massive amounts of hair loss, it is because the DHT hormone, is already high in their body. So these higher levels, is what is causing the imbalance and why the hair loss is happening. However, now comes the big answer of the question is if the steroids are going to cause the baldness or hair loss to happen.

Possible Links Between The Two?

The short answer is no, the steroids are not directly responsible for the hair loss that people experience. Instead, people will find the hair loss is going to be accelerated when they are taking steroids because it is going to increase the already high levels of DHT to even higher levels. This in turn is going to lead to the hair loss being more pronounced while people are taking the steroids. However, it is not because of the steroids directly, instead it is because of the higher than normal levels of DHT.

As many people have found, when they are taking high doses of legal or illegal steroids they are going to start to lose their hair. They may try to attribute this hair loss directly to the steroids, when in fact it is not directly tied into the steroids. The fact is the hair loss is coming because the steroids are increasing the levels of various hormones in the body, which is going to lead to the hair loss being accelerated.

Check out the following article for some of the drugs that can be linked to hair loss –

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Can Washing Your Hair Too Often Lead To Hair Loss?

If you are concerned about hair loss, there is every chance that you may have a few questions and one can be just as simple as can lose your hair if you wash it too often?

The article below has been designed to answer these questions.

One thing that can make you lose your hair is washing too vigorously too often. If you are trying to scrub your head hard because you think that it helps to clean it, you are just doing damage to your scalp and hair. You have to be gentle because hair isn’t necessarily up to the abuse. If you are being more rough than a brush would be on your head then it’s probably too much pressure and you need to calm down with it a little.

Be Gentle When Washing Your Hair

If you are losing a lot of hair and are being gentle, that may end up being the fault of your shampoo. Try to go with a more natural one, and avoid any that have a ton of Can You Lose Your Hair If You Wash It Too Much?chemicals. Even those that are said to help with growing hair, if you are having it fall out when using it then you may want to try something else to help you. There are many chemicals that are used in our hygiene products that do many bad things to us and that is why it is necessary to know what the ingredients are.

Possible Other Issues

Hair loss can actually be because of medications and not washing your hair too much. It could also be an underlying medical problem, and you need to speak with a doctor about this before it gets worse. While you may think this is an embarrassing problem, keep in mind that doctors have heard it all. They may even be suffering from a similar problem, so never be afraid of talking about it. Getting to know what you can do to make changes to keep your hair from falling out when you wash it will only benefit you.

When it comes to washing your hair too much, it does cause you to lose your hair in some situations. Don’t let this happen to you if you value having hair and take good care of yourself for the best results. Anyone can lose their hair, and so there are things you have to do to minimize your chances.

Can Too Much Stress Lead To Hair Loss?

Work can be a great place to make money, but it can also be a very stressful time as well. This is when people who are losing their hair, may start to assume the hair loss is related to the stress they have from work. However, this is not always the case and in fact, the hair loss is caused by a lot of other factors. So the short answer is no, the stress from work does not directly lead to hair loss, but it can contribute to other factors that can lead to hair loss, which will be covered here.

Do Your Nutritional Homework

Improper nutrition is something that stress can lead to. While most people think they are eating healthy enough foods, they need to realize if they are stressed out they Does Work Stress Lead To Hair Loss?tend to eat less food. By eating less of the food that is needed, people often do not get enough vitamins in their body. This in turn requires the body to prioritize the way the vitamins and other nutrients are spread out and the hair follicles are often one of the last items to be completed.

Sleep Patterns Can Play An Issue

Loss of sleep is something else which people can suffer from. While most people who are stressed out, do not sleep very well, people need to realize this does happen and this often means the cells in the body are not getting the required amount of rest. When people are not getting the required amount of rest, they are going to start to notice they have a complete lack of energy. This lack of energy often means people do not have a chance to recover from their daily work and often suffer some hair loss because the body did not get enough sleep to recover.

Changes To Our Hair

As many people have found out, a stressful day at work often leads to them thinking they are seeing more gray hair or even fewer hairs on their head. When people notice this, they tend to think they are losing their hair because of the different stresses they are experiencing at work. However, the truth is stress does not directly cause a loss of hair in people. Instead, it will lead to a lack of sleep and bad eating habits in the people who are stressed out. This is when people will start to lose their hair because the body is not properly recovering from the stresses of the day.

A Revolutionary New Treatment

If you are concerned about premature hair loss, the new treatment available from the team at Scientific Home Use Products could offer the help that you require.

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