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Transitional Hair Loss:
It is a known fact that most men don’t notice their hair loss until they have already lost up to a third of their hair. Look in the mirror. Are you just starting to notice thinning on the crown or a receding hair line? If so, then you are the ideal candidate for iGrow.

Generic Pre-Disposition to Hair Loss:
If you are genetically predisposed to hair thinning or if hair loss runs in your family, you need to be proactive in retaining the head of hair you have. When used as instructed, the iGrow can help prevent the rapid progression of hair loss often associated with genetic baldness. It’s simple, easy to use and convenient – Just 20-25 minutes every other day, 3-4 times a week.

Start using the iGrow before hair thinning/loss even occurs. Don’t wait until thinning hair starts affecting your appearance and self-esteem. Take charge and be proactive… start using the iGrow and address the potential problem head-on before you experience the worry of hair loss!



Traditional Pattern Hair Loss:
iGrow is especially effective for woman who suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss (androgenetic alopecia) – Over 90% of women in clinical studies re-grew their hair with Low Level Laser Therapy.

Female Hair Wellness:
The iGrow can help to maintain vibrant and lustrous looking hair. Many women have experienced enhanced colour in their revitalised hair.

Shorter Hair Growth Cycles:
Do you want longer, fuller hair as you grow older? By using the iGrow, you can stimulate your follicles and have thicker, fuller hair for years to come.


Men with Severe Hair Loss

Unfortunately, you must have hair to grow new, thicker hair. If you are shiny bald and do not have peach fuzz or active follicles we do not recommend use of the iGrow. You should consult your physician for other treatment options.

Women with Alopecia Areata

Unfortunately, iGrow is not designed for women with alopecia areata. While some women with this auto-immune disease do gain benefit, you should consult your physician before trying iGrow